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Highway Happy Hour 2-7 Sign

Actually, TWO Hours of Happiness

Left to my own devices, I will invariably find a way to do my job from a bar.
Please stop by for cocktails and a live Highway Vibe broadcast from the Shady Grove Lounge at the Silverton Casino. Guests include one of the Outlaws of Comedy, …

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Big Dumb Movie presents “Go”

BDM - goHere’s some more of our epic television from the “Big Dumb Movie”. This is after UPN Indiana was “absorbed” by WISH-TV. Notice the improvement? Yeah, neither did we.

Anthem For A Sunday Morning


“Feel like I been run over, like …”

My Questionable Role Model Selection

While normal kids idolized sports figures, I just wanted to grow up to be Dr. Johnny Fever. At no point did a single responsible adult have the good sense to pass along the phrase, “careful what you wish for.”
It’s been 30 years. 8 markets. (Cincinnati …

Monday Memories: 8 Years Ago Today


Relive the glorious morning of August 5, 2005 with Gonzo Greg & The Big Dumb Show. This was our next-to-last broadcast on X-103 in Indianapolis. It was supposed to be our last, but the boss was off that day.

WTF Weekend: Today In Big Dumb Show History

Don Stuck & Gonzo Greg in Las Vegas. (Fat Jonny not pictured.)

8 years ago today, this happened. On the radio. In front of gawd and everyone.

Wayback Weekend: More From 2005

Gonzo onstage at X-FEST 2003

The weeklong flashback continues. Here is the broadcast from this day 8 years ago on X-103 Indianapolis.

Flashback Friday: The End Is Near

Don Stuck & Gonzo Greg

Here we are, blissfully unaware of the impending end of the Big Dumb Show. This broadcast is from 8 years ago today on X-103 in Indianapolis.

Throwback Thursday: 8 Years Ago Today

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, enjoy this time capsule from the final week of the Big Dumb Show on X-103 in Indianapolis, way back in “2K5”.

Throw Back Thursday: Drew Gets Kicked In The Head

Here’s a gem from Area 108/Las Vegas, circa 2007 or so. Muay Thai fighter chicks visited the Gonzo In The Morning, presumably to promote their upcoming bout. I thought it would be best for them to come in and beat the hell out of my co-host, …

Way Back Wednesday: Playboy’s Amy Miller

Gonzo wants to trade hands with Playboy's Amy Miller

An in-studio visit from Playboy Cyber-Girl Amy Miller, which leads to the launch of the legendary Hot Chicks Eating Corn Dogs web site. This segment is circa 2001, I think.

Time Warp Tuesday: The Fuglees!

The Fuglees

Found: From February 2004, a remarkably hi-fidelity in-studio recording of the Greatest Band In The History Of Recorded Music, “The Fuglees”, in studio with Gonzo Greg and the Big Dumb Show, performing the rock anthem, “Heavy Metal Girl”.
This is the kind of epic entertainment that …